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 On-Time Alert
On-Time Alert sends you a one-time email with your personal message at specific time. For example:

Airplane Leaves In 25 Minutes!

You set your date and time.

 Message Reminder
Message Reminder sends you an email with your personal message. For example:

Remember To Take Vitamins Today!

You set your own frequency (daily, weekly or monthly).

 Countdown Reminder
Countdown Reminder sends you an email message with number of days remaining till your particular life event. For example:

165 Days Remaining Till My Vacation

You set your own frequency (daily, weekly or monthly).

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Free Alerts And Reminders For Everybody.
This service is being offered without any warranty whatsoever. We reserve the right to discontinue this service without any prior warning at any time and we do not guarantee any performance or functionality or suitability of this service for any purpose.

Each user may stop delivery of emails at any time by a single click. Unsubscribe link is provided in each email. Additionally, each user will be offered an option to subscribe to one or more of our marketing newsletters.

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